Clark County Paving Inc. is a full service paving company and general contractor, licensed and active in both Washington and Oregon, serving SW Washington and the greater Portland metro area.

We provide all phases of construction with regards to excavation, building sub-grade, grading, and paving as well as grade and elevation corrections and water and drainage solutions. We work with residences, shops, barns, parking lots, schools, and streets to make sure the asphalt is done right. Below is a list of explanations of our most requested services. If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.

Clark County Paving Services
  • Grading and Paving
    We grade your existing gravel area to create an adequate base for new asphalt then install a new asphalt driveway. We do so by setting the correct elevation and grading for proper drainage, then compacting the subgrade and paving the prepared surface with a minimum of two inches of asphalt. * If any additional rock is needed it is charged by the load.
  • Excavation and grade construction
    We excavate your natural unimpacted surface such as dirt or sod, down to set the correct elevation. We provide matting, subgrade construction (rock), for an adequate base for your project, grading, and then compaction. At this point, we can pave the surface or leave a gravel surface.
  • Overlay existing asphalt
    This option is also considered a maintenance item as it is generally an option for aged asphalt that is “intact” without serious grade failure. We clean the existing asphalt to remove any loose debris, apply an asphalt adhesive, and then install another layer of asphalt over the top. * Depth will vary depending on circumstances. There are many considerations to consider when evaluating whether this is a viable option for your project, and requires a site visit by an
    experienced estimator.
  • Removal and Repaving
    Saw cut, excavate and remove either deteriorated asphalt or concrete, hauling the spoils offsite to a proper recycle or disposal location, we repair the subgrade using gravel, re-compact, and repave. Then we sand and seal the seams to complete the proper repair.
  • Drain Installation
    To ensure proper water drainage for any asphalt surface, we install a variety of drainage installation options. In general, we provide excavation, trenching, and installation of various types of drainage systems such as catch basins, dry wells, channel drains and buried downspouts. The type of drainage system will vary and the estimator will address your concerns and make recommendations on the specific needs of your project.
  • Repairs
    As a method of maintenance and repair for older asphalt surfaces, we can repair potholes, install speed bumps and water berms, perform crack sealing, as well as many other repair options. Options can be discussed as needed when meeting with the estimator.
  • Sealcoating (Maintenance)
    Seal coating is a necessary maintenance for all asphalt. It is generally done after the asphalt installation has had a chance to cure (minimum of 30-45 days weather dependant) and once every three to five years after. Many customers seal coat the following Spring or Summer after their asphalt is installed. Seal coat is an emulsion based material that has a similar consistency of a thick paint and is applied to an asphalt surface with a spray tool and brooms or squeegees after thoroughly cleaning the surface. This product serves to aid in proper water runoff, which reduces the risk of crack formation and grade failure, and makes it much easier to clean your driveway, also substantially extending the life expectancy of the asphalt.
  • Striping
    We are able to set up a new layout or restripe an existing striping layout, using a variety of colors and templates to meet all your striping needs, as well as insure ADA compliance. We also offer customized stenciling from 6-18”. Feel free to speak with an estimator about your specific needs.